Empowering Peptidesworld with a Comprehensive E-Commerce Solution

Introduction:Peptidesworld, a leading research peptides company, collaborated with Zilliconeye to launch a cutting-edge online store that catered to the diverse needs of their global customer base. This project involved developing a secure and user-friendly e-commerce platform that not only offered a wide range of payment gateways but also included cryptocurrency payment options. Zilliconeye was entrusted […]

Transforming Kani Kouture into a Premier Dog Accessories Brand

Introduction:Kani Kouture, a burgeoning dog accessories brand based in Pennsylvania, USA, collaborated with Zilliconeye to enhance their online presence and establish themselves as a premier destination for stylish and high-quality canine products. The project entailed the creation of a new logo, development of a comprehensive branding guide, designing and launching a Shopify-powered e-commerce website, crafting […]

Elevating CareTours’ Brand Identity and Online Presence

Introduction:CareTours, a prominent tour and travel company based in Hamburg, Germany, approached Zilliconeye with a mission to refresh their brand identity and establish a robust online presence. This encompassed the creation of a new logo, development of a comprehensive branding guide, and the design and launch of an engaging website. Zilliconeye was entrusted with the […]

Revamping Leisure Lanka Tours’ Online Presence

Introduction:Leisure Lanka Tours, a prominent tour company in Sri Lanka, approached Zilliconeye with a goal to enhance their online presence. They needed a complete digital transformation, including a new logo, a comprehensive branding guide, an appealing website, and improved search engine visibility. Zilliconeye was entrusted with the task of elevating Leisure Lanka Tours’ online identity […]