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Unlike any other competing company, we are committed to maximizing your business opportunities using the Internet. Our goal is to provide solutions based on services such as Web Designing, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and App Development. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we aim to continue to achieve your business success through the above services with a wealth of experience in the field and an expert team.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Markting Services

Zilliconeye presents some of the services we offer to you as a reputed Digital Marketing Agency with a high potential for customer satisfaction.

Web Design

A website is a platform that can take your business or your brand name online to the masses. Zilliconeye we are primarily a digital marketer working to bring that feature to you. Join us and enjoy its benefits.

App Development

Living a smart life with hand-frozen technology has become commonplace today. If so, you and your business must work to reap the benefits. Mobile App Design is an open portal for that. This is another service that Zilliconeye brings closer to you.


Designing a website with SEO or adapting an existing website to SEO is an advantage for website owners. Because a website written as SEO has the potential to bring it closer to its clients by bringing it to the top of the search engine's organic results.


Social Media Marketing promotes businesses and builds a social community through social media. This can be seen as also an off-page SEO to a website. We create Social Media Advertising to your liking.

Content Writing

Even there are so many who could write content; SEO strategic content writing is a challenge. Using key phrases within keyword research and with the client's attraction is gaining more interactions. Our experts are ready to relieve you of that burden.

Branding Design

Zilliconeye is ready to use aspects to socialize your brand name based on Logos, Business Cards, Leaflets, and Banners. As an experienced digital marketing agency, we understand the image and promotion that you build through branding.

Web Design Internet Website Responsive Software Concept

Web Development

According to Statista, as of January, there were 4.99 billion active internet users worldwide. It’s more effective to create websites to make your business wider. Website design in such a way that user-friendliness, speed, and mobile-friendliness exist. Also, optimize SEO to increase the organic search of those websites and to maintain the necessary SEO consulting beyond that.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be seen as an important part of strategically developing a business. Through it, you can make SEO successful by adding backlinks to your website. To do this, keep in touch with customers and social media advertising strategically. We look forward to launching a social media marketing campaign tailored to your business.

App Development

According to the Statista website, 92.6% of active Internet users are mobile users. Therefore, App development is just as significant as web design when it comes to digital marketing. This is because today the mobile phone seems to be a feature that is present in almost every person. People only use desktops and laptops in a specific environment. So mobile devices should be the focus of your business. Mobile app designing is also an important service we provide.


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