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According to Statista, in 2021, mobile devices operating worldwide stood at almost 15 billion. People are much more likely to pull out their phones to view something rather than boot their desktops. This creates a fertile ground for businesses to sow seeds of opportunity. Creating a mobile app for your business will give you a massive edge over other competitors in your niche. But just creating any app won’t cut it; your app needs to look attractive, be functional and convenient for any user. This is exactly what Zilliconeye specializes in. 

Through skillfully designed smart apps, Zilliconeye will open a door for you to target mobile users (which is pretty much everyone across the planet) to turn into your business audience. It expands your reach and takes your business or brand name to an otherwise unreachable group of people. Zilliconeye stands ready to meet your mobile app design requirements and take your business up a notch.


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Native App

Native apps are mobile applications that are designed to run on a mobile phone, without the use of a browser. In simpler terms, these are just any app you download from the Appstore or Playstore, depending on whether you have an iOS or Android. 

Zilliconeye’s creative designer team is passionate and well equipped to deliver you the best smart solution for your application requirements. We are committed to meeting the mobile application needs of your targeted market. At Zilliconeye, our mobile app designs tend to get a little cool, attractive and smooth.

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Hybrid App

Web apps are essentially any app that uses a mobile browser to function. The existence of web apps and native apps has created room for a whole new group of mobile applications: Hybrid apps. Hybrid apps combine the features of native apps and web apps. They can be accessed via a mobile browser, while you can also download the app from Appstore or Playstore. 

Hybrid apps use a cross-platform like react framework. Zilliconeye is more than ready to design your hybrid app to get your business up a whole notch. If you require a hybrid app, you’re in luck since most customers would much rather prefer a hybrid app due to the sheer convenience one provides. Zilliconeye is committed to creating a web app/mobile app design that suits your business.


Steps We Follow in App Design

Requirement Gathering

First of all, we gather information before starting the design process.

UI/UX Design

The app is not created all at once. We create eye-catching UI/UX using the latest tools.


After UI/UX designing, the prototype of your mobile app is released for development.

App Development

After getting the prototype, start building the app using a suitable framework.

Quality Assurance

We study the quality of the app. There the bug is fixed and brought to a launchable level.


We deploy the completed app that can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.

Support and Maintenance

After the deployment, we provide non-stop support and maintenance for the app.

Start Your Journey

With Zilliconeye, you can have your mobile app designed to custom fit your business requirements. Mobile app designing is not a one answer-fits all task. We will first examine every requirement your business has, we will discuss the features you wish to see on the app, and then our enthusiastic and friendly team will get to started with the mobile app design all the way from the ground. Whether you want to digitalize your business, create a new website or mobile app, optimize an existing website and look forward to promoting your business on social media, connect with our team to hit that strategic goal.