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Branding design is the way in which a business’s brand identity visually represented to society. Logos, Business Cards, Leaflets, and Banner designs are the key brand elements of Branding design. These are used to promote the physical as well as the digital world. It is also possible to address the customer through social media.


Logo Design

First impressions are the most important impressions. In the world of business, where hundreds of different brands and products compete, this couldn’t be more true. With just a glimpse of your logo, your audience will build a bigger image of the company or a brand in their mind. This is why your logo has a huge impact on your brand’s success. Your company’s logo is the face of the business. It reflects the nature and outlook of your business. As brand awareness and the brand identity arises, Zilliconeye is here to create your logo for you – in the best way possible.


Business Cards

Business cards are a flag-carrier of your business’s marketing campaign. It does more than just grabbing someone’s attention; a professional looking business card will create a lasting impression of your business. If you think business cards can only be handed out physically, you are far from the truth. Business cards are used just as much online, on your website, on social media and sometimes even at the bottom of an email! The popularity and the functionality of business cards still persist, regardless of innovation. At Zilliconeye, our team of designers will come up with the perfectly matching business card, tailored just for your business. Zilliconeye designed business cards will help your business build exactly the network your desire.


Leaflet Design

Leaflets are multipurpose designs that can work wonders in your business’s attempt to reach to reach out. Leaflets often convey a more serious message, or a product description in a fun and attractive way. The skill of the designer is what decides whether a prospect will pull out their phone and call you to know more, or if the leaflet will be made a paper airplane of. At Zilliconeye, our team of designers do a fantastic job in creating leaflets that both catch the eye and stay with the reader. Zilliconeye will help you land those new clients through an appealing, unique leaflet.

branding design

Banner Design

Banners are colourful and fun. A well designed banner will catch the eye immediately. But with Zilliconeye, your banner will be much more than just merely eye-catching. We design banners that are easy to read, memorable and interactive. Designing a banner is more than just matching colours with texts and slapping it with your logo. Zilliconeye takes care throughout the design process to ensure that yours is going to stand out in a sea of banners. If you need a highly specialized banner design, or need it for a specific purpose or place, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram profile, our designers will make sure that your profile has the allure it deserves to have. 

Start Your Designing Process with Zilliconeye!

Your branding design is the first thing your audience notices about your business. If your branding design doesn’t win over your prospects the very instance they glance at it, you have lost a customer. There are many components of a branding design: logos, flyers, business cards, banners, and lots more. Designing a logo is a step-by-step procedure that involves a lot of important details. Every colour, every curve and every straight line in a logo contribute to making an impact on the viewer. Your banners, leaflets and other marketing collaterals, on the other hand, are what carries your logo to your audience. With our colourful, fun and interactive designs, your marketing collaterals will be the harbringer of your business’s success.

With us, your logo design can never really go wrong. Get in touch with us to have a logo that will make your brand stand out.